System Cabling

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Greater Control Cabinet and System Cabling Efficiency In both control cabinets and system cabling, the key factor in achieving high availability of your electronic system is secure and failsafe connection of all components. Therefore, you need Siemens as a reliable single-source partner who can deliver modern, efficient and well laid out control cabinets and system cabling.

Secure, Efficient and Clearly Laid Out System Cabling With Siemens control cabinets and system cabling solutions, you can take advantage of standardized connection elements that are easier and faster to connect than single wires. With Siemens, not only are you employing individual, customer-specific control cabinet solutions, but you also achieve innovative and efficient system cabling thanks to SIMATIC TOP connect and MOTION-CONNECT.

With SIMATIC TOP connect, Siemens delivers a complete range of connection technology for the SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400. 

Pre-assembled for easy plugging in. Two versions are available: the fully modular connection according to the modular design principle and the flexible connection with bundled single cores. The outcome is the same in both cases: the contact is made, the connection is established and error sources are eliminated.

Flexible Connection 
The flexible connection for the SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400 consists of clearly bundled single cores, which are already wired at the front connector. With a core cross-section of 0.5 mm², higher currents can also be carried. The individual cores can be routed to any element in the control cabinet – quickly, easily and flexibly. Since each core is clearly marked – by a printed number corresponding to the connection point of the module – there are no more mix-ups. Order and clarity prevail in the control cabinet. Advantages Individual cores can be directly routed to each element in the control cabinet Reduction of the wiring work through simple plugging in of the pre-assembled cable into the I/O module Higher currents possible through larger cross-section, lower voltage drop Easy wiring: the number printed on the cores corresponds to the connection point at the front connector Improved clarity of the control cabinet wiring through bundled single cores Front connector available with screw connection as well as crimp connection Selected screw connection versions available with UL/CSA-certified single cores.


Flexible Connection