SIMOTION Motion Control Systems

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Control every machine – with SIMOTION 
The scalable, modular, high-performance system excels in any situation where motion control plays a role. 

It makes no difference whether you want to implement a central or a distributed machine concept, or a PC-, controller- or drive-based solution. 

In any case, you can be sure to benefit from a high degree of flexibility, convenient engineering and swift commissioning.

SINAMICS drive technology Convenient and economic positioning with SINAMICS S110 - the flexible converter for positioning tasks providing numerous safety functions.

The SINAMICS S110 positioning drive with its built-in basic positioning system is ideal when you need to position machines axes simply, quickly and accurately. While the positioning drive relieves the higher-level machine control system of this task, this flexible converter actually offers much more. As an alternative to a basic positioning system, the positioning drive can be assigned set values as a speed axis using analog input or a field bus interface, such as PROFIBUS, CAN, PROFINET. Additionally, the positioning drive can control a wide range of built-in safety functions with on-board safety terminals without intricate additional circuits. As a modular single-axis drive with servo functionality, the positioning drive covers a power range from 120 W (1 AC 230 V) to 90 kW (3 AC 400 V). It can be used to position both synchronous servomotors and induction motors. 

HMI operator control and monitoring systems 

HMI for SIMOTION Production machine monitoring operations use the sophisticated range of SIMATIC HMI operator control and monitoring systems as well as the HMI software WinCC flexible and the SCADA system WinCC. Another possibility to link HMI systems is provided via OPC. Finally, SIMOTION provides the technology object MIIF (Multi-Interface) for data integration. SIMOTION IT Virtual Machine (integrated Java runtime environment on the SIMOTION Controller) provides read / write access to SIMOTION variables.

The right system for each requirement. No matter whether you use a small 4“ touch unit for small slots or a 15" multi-panel.

Basic Servo Drives