Signal Converters Interface

Interface Relay

Relay and optocoupler interfaces are the safe basis for

a reliable electrical signal traffic in automation systems. Electrical isolation in combination with voltage, current and power matching ensure trouble-free operation between the control unit and the sensor/actuator level. Additional features guarantee simple planning, installation and startup.

Interface Cabling

The connection between automation equipment and the coupling or jumpering level is very time-consuming and cost-intensive. INTERFACE cabling reduces installation times with pluggable components and minimizes the rate of error at the same time. Can be applied up to safety category 4 - safety relay PSR

Interface Power Supply

The reliability of a power supply unit determines the availability of the individual components of a system and whether complex systems function reliably. The INTERFACE Power Supply range covers even high global requirements in three lines.

Interface Wireless

The product range of wireless signal transmission systems can be used for easy and safe wireless transmission of analog and digital signals or serial data. This gives planners and users access to a very simple transmission path for industrial fields of application. Signals that could only previously be acquired with a great deal of effort or not at all are now fast and simple to acquire. Depending on the requirements, three wireless technologies are available.

Interface Analog

The transmission of analog signals in industrial environments is very susceptible to interference. The INTERFACE analog modules ensure reliable signal transmission even in EMC-contaminated environments. Precise signal conversion, level matching and isolation increase the transmission quality

and ensure the quality of the measurement circuit.

Interface Ex

In potentially explosive atmospheres, safety is the top priority. The INTERFACE Ex modules with the "intrinsic safety" degree of protection are used for measurement and control applications. An innovative installation concept also reduces the system costs.

Interface Serial

Serial interfaces on automation devices have now become standard features. The components from the INTERFACE Serial range have the task of adapting different interfaces, providing electrical isolation and transmission without interference. The comprehensive range includes everything that industrial communication needs: interface converters, repeaters, optic fiber converters or simply the perfect connection technology for optic fibers and data lines.

Interface Monitoring

The monitoring and timer modules increase safety and system availability – in all sectors of industry. Trouble-free and therefore cost-effective operation can be achieved only with continuous monitoring of significant network and system parameters. Altogether, state-of-the-art technology in a design width of just 22.5 mm in rugged industrial housings.

Interface Solution Center

The INTERFACE Solution Center of Phoenix Contact can develop a professional product based on your idea. Our INTERFACE specialists combine the function, the connection technology, connection system, and the housing for you. In this way, you obtain an individual INTERFACE that is tailored to your application.