Greater efficiency through automation systems. Siemens automation systems provide you with a future-proof answer to increasingly exacting plant and machinery requirements.

Engineered to meet the needs of all industry sectors in a virtually limitless range of tasks, the superiority of Siemens systems provides peak efficiency, extensive flexibility and high cost effectiveness.

Siemens automation systems are synonymous with excellence because of our commitment to superior engineering and technology. For more than 50 years, Siemens has consistently advanced technological progress in automation. Siemens systems cover all industry requirements and set the standards in their respective fields.

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From A to Z, Siemens is the world’s single-source leader of automation technology products engineered and manufactured for all industrial sectors. 

Our best-in-class automation technology products are designed to perfectly match all of your requirements — and are enhanced by extensive training, service and support. 

Siemens automation systems are the future-proof answer to the continually growing demands on modern machines and systems in all sectors of industry. With our innovative and well-proven solutions, you will benefit every time from a maximum degree of efficiency, flexibility and economy.