Phoenix Contact

Technoserve is a proud distributor of the Phoenix Contact range. Phoenix Contact offers an innovative portfolio of industrial electro-technology:

Best connections from the sensor to the controller. From the classical modular terminal block to splash-proof machine connectors to the wireless Ethernet, Phoenix Contact provides innovations which do more than our customers expect.

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Industrial Connection Technology CLIPLINE

Industrial Connection Technology CLIPLINE From the terminal block through assembly material and practical tools to the complete PC-supported configuration and making system, you will find everything required

for the perfect control cabinet.

Field cabling PLUSCON

It is a challenge for you to find out how to save on time and costs using system installations. We provide a modern and comprehensive program of industrial connectors for all applications.

Device Connection Technology and Electronic Housings COMBICON


For industrial electronics the COMBICON product range offers a complete program of PCB terminal blocks and connectors for the printed circuit board. For development departments, Phoenix Contact also offers electronic housings, plug-in card blocks,

and DIN

Power and Signal Quality TRABTECH


Phoenix Contact offers extensive solutions for high power and signal quality with the TRABTECH product range and thus makes an important contribution to interference-free work processes in all sectors.

Signal Converters INTERFACE

The INTERFACE product range comprises interfaces for binary, serial and analog signals as well as power supplies, PLC cabling and electronic load relais.

Components and Systems AUTOMATION

From the serial sensor/actor box up to visualization software, the AUTOMATION catalog offers everything modern automation technology requires.