We take pride in being one of the best manufacturers in electrical distribution boards, motor control centers, PLC panels, Control Panels and other metal products in South Africa. Our manufacturing division offers a full range of production facilities. Credibility, professionalism, quality control

and personal customer relationships are what make us successful in the completion of various products.

Our Products are continuously monitored and have passed the necessary stringent quality and safety tests, both locally and internationally

We utilise a variety of reputable equipment at Technoserve which comply with local and international standards such as:

- Schneider
- Siemens
- Phoenix Contact

We offer equipment that adheres to the following specifications: 

SANS 1473 ¨C 1 
SANS 60439 -1 
SANS 60439 ¨C 5 
SANS 60439 ¨C 4 
SANS 60439 ¨C 2 
SANS 1765 
SANS 0142 

All our products are tested with the South African Bureau of Standards and NEFTA. Our STA have been certified for 2500 amp for up to 50 kA

at 1 second. We also do totally tested assemblies (TTA) for up to 100 kA. Technoserve manufactures a full range of electrical panels for almost

any application, including TTA (Totally type tested assembly), PTTA (Partially type tested assembly) an STA (Specially tested assembly) assemblies.


Chris Louw - Panel Builder


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