Industrial Installations

Electrical Installations can be divided into the following:

- Industrial Installations
- Commercial Installations
- Domestic Installations

At Technoserve we concentrate on Industrial and Commercial Installations:

Also installations can also be classified by the voltage, for example low or medium voltage installations, the first being: 230Vac 50Hz - 380Vav 50Hz, and sometimes even 550Vac. Then the medium Voltage installations are rated around 11 Kv.


Industrial Installations can vary in side and complexity, from System Integration to Lighting installations.

Technoserve only uses SABS approved electrical material, and with our strategic partners like:
Siemens, Schneider, ABB we can design and develop turnkey projects.

Technoserve is well qualified and experienced to undertake any type of Power Factor survey and Installation.

Again, all our installations are tested by registered electricians and a certificate of compliance is presented to the customer.