Field Cabling PLUSCON

Industrial Plug Connectors for Control Cabinets and Devices

For you as a control cabinet or device manufacturer, it is a challenge to save even more time and money during system installations. 

To achieve this, Phoenix Contact offers you a comprehensive, universal and innovative range. Industrial plug connectors with a high degree of protection and - as an option - EMC-shielded.

The product range which allows you to connect round cables within 10 seconds without any special tools required. 

- SAC – Sensor/actuator wiring:
A comprehensive range of cables and distributor boxes which makes wiring in the field easier.

- M23 round connectors:
A complete spectrum of products from CONINVERS®, a member of the PHOENIX CONTACT Group.

Industrial signal and data plug connectors with Push-Pull locking.

A plug connector system which enables contact inserts for power, signal and fiber optic connections to be combined in one plug connector. You can choose between a metal or plastic housing.

The proven connection of power and control lines for use in harsh industrial environments.