Drivers - Dual IGBT driver

MTBF (SN29500) >2 x106h 
Mean time between failure is 3 x higher than standard driver technology. EMC with unique interlayer connection and short pulse suppression. Customized plug and play adapter boards 
Driving 600V, 1200V and 1700V IGBT modules 
For industrial converter systems up to 1,5MW

Compact converter design with plug and play adaptor boards
Decoupled and symmetric gate control reduces current and voltage peaks. Application-specific component population service.


1) Short pulse suppression, dynamic Vce monitoring, UVP, adjustable failure management, generic error input (primary and secondary), dead time (adjustable with PRO),

soft-off (PRO) SKYPER 32 UL: UL recognized 

2) SKYPER 32/42 features plus differential 3,3V/5V inputs, digital dignal transmission, IntelliOff

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