Device Connection Technology and Electronic Housings COMBICON

COMBICON is the world standard for the efficient wiring of PCBs to suit the industrial needs. Printed circuit terminal blocks, plug connectors and electronic housings of this product range open up an infinite number of possibilities for "packing" printed circuits efficiently, and for connecting them with the device peripherals.

The Range of Printed Circuit Terminal Blocks.

Since they are so easy to handle, the printed circuit terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are considered worldwide to be the standard for the reliable and efficient individual wiring of PCBs. 

In addition to a large range of printed circuit terminal blocks with metric or inch pitches between 2.5 and 15 mm, with horizontal, vertical, angled or front conductor entry as well as screw, spring-cage or insulation displacement connection, we offer special designs for special requirements, e.g., for SMD or press-in technology.

The Plug Connector Range

Due to its large number of variants, the COMBICON plug connector range from Phoenix Contact offers an almost infinite number of possible connections. They are not only available with multi-position printed circuit board connections in dip solder, SMD or press-in technology, but also

as a feed-through variant or as a rail-mountable pluggable connection. The plugs with screw, spring-cage, crimp and insulation displacement

contacts permit universal conductor connection without changing the printed circuit board layout and the housing geometry.

Each of the four COMBICON designs with a pitch between 2.5 and 10.16 mm (MICRO, MINI, CLASSIC and POWER) provides optimum space savings and offers an ideal degree of dielectric strength and current carrying capacity, which in turn guarantees unlimited freedom for equipment development.

The Electronic Housing Product Range


Phoenix Contact component housings make the assembled printed circuit board a shock and dust-proof electronics module.

They are mounted on the 35 mm EN DIN rails common in control cabinet engineering. 

Apart from a few exceptions, the connection terminal blocks can be fitted and machine-soldered during printed circuit board assembly.

The board bases from Phoenix Contact consist of modular components which form a rail-mountable chassis for accommodating assembled printed circuit boards. The surface of the printed circuit board is freely accessible, which makes the board bases particularly suitable for bulky elements, manually operated components, as well as screw and plug connectors. 

Individual Housing SolutionsThere are practically no limits to your design wishes with Phoenix Contact. We can develop and manufacture your specific housing – by modifying our standard housings up to the point of developing entirely new models. Integrated connection technology guarantees a professional turnkey solution.